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Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA
Matt Argue, JD
Dr. William P. Bennett
Harold Coleman

Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA

Certified Christian Conciliator™

Tim enjoys developing his peacemaking ministry with support from a variety of churches, parachurch organizations, and businesses. Through all of his professional and personal activities, Tim seeks to promote commitment to the Peacemakers Pledge...
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Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA, is a tax lawyer and investment adviser based in Irvine, California. He is the president of Voorhees Family Office Services and the managing partner of the Copenbarger & Voorhees LLP, a tax law firm. Tim has led teams that have developed hundreds of Family Wealth Blueprints® to help high net worth clients minimize taxes and redirect tax savings to their families and favorite charities. In addition to providing services as a Wealth Counselor, Tim serves clients as a Charter Member of Kingdom Advisors and as a Certified Christian Conciliator™.
    Services Offered by Tim Voorhees
When working outside of his church, Tim Voorhees generally only mediates conflicts involving the transfer of control, management, or ownership of business, real estate or investment interests to partners or heirs.  For other types of conflicts, he refers people to Ed Russey, Harold Coleman, or Matt Argue, all of whom are in the Peacemaker Ministries certification program. Harold’s email address is Ed's number is (949)770-7004 and his email address is Matt's number is 951-704-5556 and his email address is

Tim is also available provide teaching at churches, law firms, counseling offices, and law schools that want to development Christian mediation programs. For more information, please contact
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William P. Bennett

Certified Christian Conciliator™

The purpose of is to allow the church or organization to engage a highly skilled advisor working with the church or organization in dealing with intra-church disputes, denominational issues, human resource matters, administrative issues, and other matters of concern for the church or organization.

For the last ten years, Dr. William P. Bennett, the President of, has served as General Counsel or Legal Counsel to a number of significant church, para-church and other Christian non-profit organizations, including Campus Crusade for Christ, the Crystal Cathedral, Churches Uniting in Global Mission (CUGM), Simon Greenleaf/Trinity University and the Reformed Church in America - Classis of California.

In Dispute Resolution, Dr. Bennett has had 25 years of training and service to the American Arbitration Association, the Los Angeles County Superior Courts, the Christian Arbitration and Mediation Association, and currently, with the Peacemakers Ministry/Institute for Christian Conciliation.

Dr. Bennett has the appropriate academic credentials for his consulting position, holding both Juris Doctorate and Doctor of Ministry degrees.

Available to assist you and your organization in any legal, non-profit, administrative, contractual issue or any Church Conflict or Dispute Resolution matter, call Dr. Bennett at (714) 658-2519 to discuss your needs and to set up a time for him to meet with you. Or, send an email to

As a consultant/mediator to the church or organization, Dr. Bennett is paid on an hourly fee.
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Matthew W. Argue

Certified Christian Conciliator™ candidate

After practicing as a trial lawyer involved in hundreds of mediations in Southern California for 15 years, Matthew W. Argue began his mediation and arbitration practice in 2004. During 2004, he was a mediation extern for a distinguished Federal District Court Judge J. Lawrence Irving (Ret.). He earned his Mediator’s Credential at the National Conflict Resolution Center in San Diego. He has participated in continuing education courses, including “Managing Conflict and Change in the Church” at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law School.

Mr. Argue participates in the Institute for Christian Conciliation’s (ICC) certification program through Peacemaker Ministries in Billings, Montana. Mr. Argue has completed the following Certification courses: Personal Peacemaking Self- Study (Level 1); Peacemaking Church Self-Study (Level 2); Peacemaker Ministries’ Training Program on Conflict Coaching (Level 3); Peacemaker Ministries’ Training Program on Biblical Mediation (Level 4); Peacemaker Ministries’ Reconciling Marital Conflict Training (Level 5); and Advanced Certification Training in Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation.
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Harold Coleman JR. ESQ.


Harold Coleman, Jr. is principal of Harold Coleman Jr. Ltd. (2004 to date), a San Diego-based conflict-management firm that delivers solution-focused and value-driven professional alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in the areas of real estate, construction, commercial, consumer, business and employment law, with a practice focus in complex technical disputes and pre-dispute avoidance...
    Biography for Harold Coleman
Harold Coleman, Jr. is principal of Harold Coleman Jr. Ltd. (2004 to date), a San Diego-based conflict-management firm that delivers solution-focused and value-driven professional alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in the areas of real estate, construction, commercial, consumer, business and employment law, with a practice focus in complex technical disputes and pre-dispute avoidance. In recent years Coleman’s ADR practice has expanded to the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington.

Coleman is an ADR panelist with the Superior Court of California's Civil Mediation Program, the San Diego Association of Realtors' Real Estate Mediation Center, the San Diego County Bar Association's attorney/client fee arbitration and mediation committees, and the American Arbitration Association’s Large & Complex Case (LCC) panel for commercial and construction disputes. He is a licensed attorney, licensed real estate broker, and credentialed mediator, arbitrator and educator who since 1987 has served the international business and legal communities in resolving complex litigated and non-litigated disputes through innovative ADR applications of interest-based negotiation, facilitation, mediation, independent fact-finding, early neutral evaluation, and binding arbitration. He is a former civil-litigation attorney (McInnis, Fitzgerald, Rees, Sharkey & McIntyre, 1990-97; Gaglione, Coleman & Greene, LLP, 1997-2004) with expertise in complex technical litigation. He is a professional trainer who routinely trains corporate management teams in ADR, communication, conflict management, claims prevention, strategic planning, and critical thinking/problem solving, among other enterprise risk-management themes. His corporate clientele includes The Boeing Company, the global aerospace leader.

A former project design engineer and multi-disciplinary project manager (County of San Diego, Office of Architecture & Engineering, 1980-90; Arizona Department of Transportation, 1975-80), Coleman's ADR expertise has actively facilitated the resolution of several hundred mediated and arbitrated complex disputes, with an aggregate case disposition value well exceeding 500-million dollars. Among other honors and awards, Coleman has been recognized by the State Bar of California in 2000 with its "Distinguished Service to the Legal Profession" citation. Most recently, Coleman was inducted in 2009 as a Fellow of the prestigious national College of Commercial Arbitrators, comprised of the most esteemed neutrals in the industry. In 2007, he obtained advanced mediation training in transformative mediation techniques by completing courses in “Conflict Coaching” and “Mediation” through Montana- based Peacemaker Ministries, thus enabling him to address the more complicated interpersonal conflicts in a biblically faithful and God-glorifying manner.

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